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The team of Connie M. Wolfe & Associates works with insurance companies and self-insured entities to provide legal advice and representation tailored to their needs.  Each claim receives individual attention to structure a defense strategy that optimizes outcomes and lowers the cost and impact of workplace injuries.

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The attorneys with Connie M. Wolfe & Associates are happy to provide advice relating to the defense of workers’ compensation in the State of Oklahoma.

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With more than 75 years of collective experience representing self-insured employers and insurance carriers in the defense of workers’ compensation. Connie M. Wolfe is a certified worker’s compensation mediator for the Workers’ Compensation Court of Existing Claims as well as the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission.

This experience translates to a customized defense strategy in every claim as well as assurance that their representation is the best way to navigate the workers’ compensation system in Oklahoma.

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Experienced Defense

A partnership with Connie M. Wolfe & Associates means employers and insurance carriers receive the best and most up to date legal advice concerning workplace injuries, legal defenses, and alternative dispute resolutions.

Leaders in the Industry

The attorneys of Connie M. Wolfe & Associates provide comprehensive education seminars tailored to keep employers and insurance carriers informed in all aspects of workers’ compensation.

Personal Attention

Connie M. Wolfe & Associates strive to provide customized strategies for each client to maximize a successful outcome in workers’ compensation claims.  This includes comprehensive claim analysis, detailed settlement strategies, and aggressive Trial representation.

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